Tuesday, January 31, 2017

23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks and 3 days

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, the baby is about 11.4 inches long and weighs about 1.1 pound. We're finally measuring in pounds instead of just ounces!

Gender: It's a girl!! Her name is Sadie! Still working on a middle name...

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes. But my favorite things to wear are pajama pants, big t-shirts, and maternity leggings.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Stretch Marks: No new ones yet

Sleep: After a couple of weeks of not sleeping great, I'm sleeping much better. Some nights it takes me a little while to fall asleep, but not a few hours like I was dealing with before. I'm not really waking up super early right now, either, so I'm really thankful for that!

Cravings/Aversions: I don't know if these are technically cravings, but I'll see something random at the grocery store and just really want it. I've made Rice Krispies Treats a few times and I also bought some Raisinets at Publix because they were on sale. They were so good that I bought a 36 ounce bag of them at Walmart the next time I went. 

Symptoms: I'm starting to get more and more uncomfortable, unfortunately. I feel like I have some joints out of place in my lower back which is painful a lot of the time. I've also been having some ligament pain, but it's not too bad unless I stand up too fast. I'm *still* getting plugged ears multiple times every single day, which is super annoying. Whenever it happens, I can hear myself breathing and it drives me nuts.

Movement: She has started to kick all the time! I still feel her the most when I'm laying down, but I feel little kicks all throughout the day now, too. Daniel felt her for the first time a little over a week ago.

Mood: I'm still feeling happy most of the time, with a little guilt mixed in because I feel like I'm not doing enough with Emery because I'm more tired and uncomfortable.

What I Miss: Moving around easily! I feel like I've already got the waddle going on!

Looking Forward To: Working on the nursery! I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also dreading it just a tiny bit because I'm super indecisive and have the hardest time starting projects!

Best Moment This Week: Daniel put together Sadie's crib! Emery was super excited about it and wanted to "help" as much as possible. I think she would have played with the screws and screwdriver for hours! She kept saying "I'm working on this right now." 

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