Thursday, April 2, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Weeks 12 & 13}

Here are weeks 12 and 13 of #richlyblesseddaily2015! We've had a couple of low key weeks around here. Lots of playing and enjoying the pretty weather!

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 Day 78: I think she likes her rocking horse, but I can't tell for sure... 

 Day 79: Well Emery, I sure am glad you're sleeping so well. You must have been worn out from all the crying and fussing you did during your one year pictures today. 

 Day 80: She's recently become obsessed with putting lids on containers. She can usually get it, too!

 Day 81: Emery got to see her first children's musical at church tonight. She loved all the songs and clapped when everyone else clapped!

 Day 82: I gave her the Puffs container to play with this morning at Publix and she got the lid off and started eating them!!

 Day 83: She LOVES it when Daddy holds her up in the air! 

 Day 84: She usually doesn't like it when I vacuum, but today she watched me the entire time and held the cord with both hands like she was helping. 

Day 85: She has loved playing with this ball and her elephant walker the last few days! She walks {sometimes on her knees} all around the house behind the elephant and "throws" the ball and chases it everywhere...clapping for herself when she gets it.

 Day 86: She's turning into such a big girl. We're finally making some progress with the sippy cup! Makes me proud of her and a little sad at the same time.

 Day 87: Snuggle time with Daddy. We would watch baby songs on YouTube all day for snuggles like this! ❤ And I couldn't resist taking this picture of the monitor tonight. So funny how she falls asleep sometimes! It reminds me of when an old man falls asleep with his hat over his face! 

Day 88: Her little Wubbanub is peeking out from under her neck like she's using it as a pillow. {Sleeping picture = I totally forgot to take any other pictures today.}

 Day 89: Out for a walk on this beautiful day! She has a new game of throwing her paci but then wanting it back immediately, so Wubby got buckled into the stroller, too. She looked up at me through the little window almost the entire time we walked.

 Day 90: Too cool for diaper changes. I give her something to play with when I'm changing her diaper or else she'll do a back flip off the changing table. Today she put her sunglasses on herself...upside down, of course!

Day 91: After a few weeks away, Emery was happy to see Nana and Gampa today! She loved the walking puppy they got her and she went back and forth to Nana and Gampa for bites of cookie!

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