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Christmas 2015 {Part 2}

I blogged about all of our pre-Christmas fun! Click here to read it! :)

Christmas Eve {or maybe Christmas Eve Eve} is probably my favorite day of the year. The Christmas cheer and excitement is just at an all time high and I just love it! Give me all the Christmas music, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, pajamas, and everything else cozy! There's just something even more magical about this on Christmas Eve...

We stayed around the house that morning and Emery played with her Christmas tree a little bit. 

That afternoon, we went to my sister's house for snacks and presents before the Christmas Eve service at church. Emery got her first Lego Duplo kit from Vanna and she loves it! It's Doc McStuffins and Emery can now say "doctor". It comes out sounding a lot like "da-do". :)

She was all about opening some presents!

She also got this laughing Elmo and loves him so much. He's really just the cutest thing! She giggles every time she makes Elmo laugh!

The look on her face the first time she saw him laugh was just priceless!!

Giving Aunt Allie thank you hugs!

Helping Nana and Gampa open presents!

Nana and Gampa got her this Cozy Coupe! She loves it so much! Gampa was teaching her how to honk the horn. They love getting her noisy toys. :)

Ready to go!

Emery was *not* happy about getting out of her new car to go to church, but we made it. ;) She did great during the church service until the candles came out! She kept saying "hot!" and really wanted to get her hands on one!

After church, we headed home and snapped a quick family picture. She was fascinated by the beeping on the camera timer and was actually looking and smiling!!

We read our Advent story and Emery got to eat the last piece of chocolate in her Advent calendar.

Then it was time for Christmas jammies and one more present!

She loves owls and Daddy spotted this owl sweater dress for her when we were out shopping. She totally ignored the other shirt and was all about the owl sweater!

She immediately snuggled with it! <3

She wanted to put it on right then, and then she took a piece of wrapping paper and laid down on the kitchen floor!! I guess she'd had a long day!

Once she was in bed, we got to do what I think is the most fun thing for a parent at Christmas...setting it all up {if everything is put together, of course!}!

Then we got to open our presents!! We always say we're going to wait until Christmas Day, but we never do! We're like little kids!

And then it was Christmas morning! Emery has been sleeping later the last couple of months, so we got to sleep until about 8:00. I'm sure that won't be the story in a few years when she knows what's waiting on her! And I'm pretty sure we won't be able to get her to eat breakfast first! But this year we did. She got some of her favorite fruits and a cinnamon roll...which she barely ate. Whose child is this?!

Her very favorite part of breakfast, though? Orange juice! This girl *loves* orange juice and asks for it almost every morning!!

Then it was time for presents! She ran in the living room and stopped by the tree to get a picture. She remembered us taking pictures the night before and just stood there and waited! <3

Then she headed to check out her kitchen!

The first thing she grabbed from her kitchen were the measuring spoons from her cupcake set. She offered all of us {Boo Bear, too!} a "sample". Sweet girl!

Then she checked on the cupcakes that were in the oven. :)

We did a couple of personalized storybooks for her this year on Put Me In the Story. There were some Groupons for them, so I got a great deal. I love how she's pointing at her picture in her Elmo book!

She *loves* her stuffed animals! This cute little kitty is a mini pillow pet and she calls her KiKi. :)

She got a baby doll for Christmas last year and we had her sitting in the shopping cart. Emery threw her out and gave Boo Bear a ride instead.

Checking out more presents!! She can't quite play that harmonica yet...we should probably be very thankful for that. ;)

Getting that fun looking present in the back!

Last few presents!

I love this sweet face so much!

The rest of Christmas Day was pretty quiet. Daniel and I took down all the Christmas decorations while Emery napped. I know, we're crazy, but we *hate* getting up the day after Christmas and having to take it all down. It's just so sad. We spent the rest of the day at home playing with all of Emery's new things. I think we love having new things to play with just as much as she does!! :)

Our last Christmas celebration was the next day. We all went to my parents' house for our annual Christmas lunch and game of Dirty Santa! I totally failed in the picture department and only took these three pictures!! :( Emery had so much fun playing with her aunts, uncles, and cousins and made her way around getting treats from everyone! She also fell in love with this ducky snuggie from our Dirty Santa game and still loves it!!

I'm so thankful for another wonderful Christmas spent with my precious family!!!

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